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Radio And Podcast Interviews

Think Outrageous – Ian Lamont and Barry Kaplan
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Co-Author of ‘The Power Of Vulnerability,’ and Partner at Shift180, Barry Kaplan joined #BoldBiz to tell us how vulnerabilty can improve our work! (listen here)

The Power of Vulnerability with Jeff Manchester – Episode 93 – The height of your team’s performance is directly related to the depth of connection among its members. (listen here)

Segment 2: Barry Kaplan is an expert in organizational development and leadership of people and teams.
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TRAINING INSIGHTS EPISODE 21: THE POWER OF VULNERABILITY. A chat with business management consultant Jeff Manchester.
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Barry Kaplan shares with us how he and Jeffrey Manchester authored. The Power of Vulnerability. (listen here)

Barry Kaplan explains how leaders can release the full power of their organizations by being their authentic selves — opening their hearts and revealing their fears. (listen here)

Barry Kaplan talks about his working relationship with Jeff Manchester and discusses how and why they wrote THE POWER OF VULNERABILITY. (listen here)

In this interview, Barry Kaplan says that by shedding the burden of having to be “right” all the time, leaders will have a newfound freedom to explore the bigger picture. (listen here)

LEVERAGED BUYOUT TECHNIQUES with The Power Of Vulnerability – Barry Kaplan
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