Chaos is difficult and scary – and easy to avoid. That’s why many of us choose not to confront someone with our truth. Even when I know that my truth is just my set of beliefs, opinions and perspective, it can come off as a biting, confrontational attack that will likely create chaos in my life. So, I will choose to keep something to myself before going into the uncertainty of what may lie at the other end of chaos – even at the expense of the discontent and frustration I feel from staying put on this side of chaos. And, it becomes the familiar default to any hint of confrontation.

The shift is to take a risk into the other side of chaos – though a mystery, it is a place of discovery with opportunities for growth.

Here are 10 positive things you’ll find on the other side of chaos:

  1. I clear what is/has bothered me. That pit in my stomach that is triggered when I see you has miraculously disappeared – just by speaking my truth. Even if my truth does not land comfortably on you, I am relieved, and that is a start.
  2. You start to get me. By sharing my truth, you begin understanding me, who I am and what I believe, with more depth.
  3. I become aware of my role or responsibility. By going into the chaos, I have the opportunity to accept that things do not just happen to me, rather I have a part in attracting or creating what bothers me.
  4. With an open mind, your curiosity invites you to consider my point of view. Even when I own my judgements – which may or not be true – you can choose to accept them for yourself.
  5. I become more self-aware. I am actually connecting with myself at a deeper, more authentic level. And, with self-awareness, I make better decisions and relate more effectively with others.
  6. You can clear with me. Once in the chaos, it is easier (and timely) for you to take a turn and get out what bothers you.
  7. We connect. The discomfort of the chaos gets us more comfortable with each other.
  8. We have built trust between us. Many say that it takes time for trust to build, though it is how we behave with each other that co-creates trust. And, by going through the chaos together into a place of self- and shared discovery, we have co-created a bond of trust.
  9. We have created safety for richer engagement. The next time either of us is triggered by the other, it is safer for us to move into the chaos rather than hesitate.
  10. The more we welcome chaos, the more connected we become. Ultimately, we build a caring, supportive and authentic relationship.

Invite chaos as a gateway to growth and authentic connection.